Robin Williams

One of the elements of good web design is a lack of the elements that make bad web design. If you stay away from everything listed on the page about bad web design features, you've probably got a pretty nice web site. In addition, keep these concepts in mind:

  1. Background does not interrupt the text
  2. Text is big enough to read, but not too big
  3. The hierarchy of information is perfectly clear
  4. Columns of text are narrower than in a book to make
    easier on the screen
  1. Navigation buttons & bars are easy to understand & use
  2. Navigation is consistent throughout web site
  3. Navigation buttons and bars provide the visitor with a clue
    ooooas to where they are, what page of the site they are currently on
  4. Frames, if used, are not obtrusive
  5. A large site has an index or site map
  1. Link colors coordinate with page colors
  2. Links are underlined so they are instantly clear to the visitor
  1. Buttons are not big and dorky
  2. Every graphic has an alt label
  3. Every graphic link has a matching text link
  4. Graphics and backgrounds use browser-safe colors
  5. Animated graphics turn off by themselves
General Design
  1. Pages download quickly
  2. First page and home page fit into 640 x 460 pixel space
  3. All of the other pages have the immediate visual impact
    oooo within 640 x 460 pixels
  4. Good use of graphic elements (photos, subheads, pull
    ooooquotes) to break up large areas of text
  5. Every web page in the site looks like it belongs to the same site;
    there are repetitive elements that carry throughout the pages
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