For your campaign

Names of students working on this project:

Campaign #hashtag: (name of your campaign hashtag goes here)

Campaign purpose: (In one sentence state exactly what the purpose/goal is for your web and social media campaign)

How will you galvanize your audience: (In one to three sentences state specifically how your campaign will galvanize the intended audience)

What action do you want your audience to take: (In one sentence state specifically what action your audience will take)

Website Definition

(For web and social media campaign web page)

URL to your Website: (goes here) www.marymount.commons/(your last name) campaign name

Purpose: (In one to three sentences state exactly why the CEO of your organization has asked you to create a new website for her organization) (Assume you are the CEO)

This should be specifically for the website and not the over all organization. For example website can not save sea turtles. The site can raise the awareness of the efforts to tag hawksbill sea turtles. And can help Hawksbill Hope, Inc. raise funds to support their efforts of saving sea turtles. can not raise funds because it is a website and not the organization it represents.

Audiences: (Be very specific - 4-5 audiences - do not use the words "anyone" or "people" who are interested in...")

Objectives: (Be very specific - 5-6 things this website can accomplish for the CEO) This is an expansion of the website purpose. The reasons the website is needed. Not why the organization itself exists.

Social media goal and strategy

(For web and social media campaign)

URL to your 2 social media pages: (goes here) Such as:

Facebook page and or Instragram page and or Twitter and or Snapchat and or YouTube etc.

Goals for your campaign social media:

    1. Goals of your social media - not for your campaign but what your social media can do to help meet your campaign goals    

Social media strategy: for your campaign

    1. Potential partners e.g. clubs, orgs etc.

    2. How you are going to energize (how you are going to get students to participant in your social media channels)
    3. How your going to stick out and be heard/seen through the social media clutter

Social media analytics goals FA2018:

    1. Must use 2 social media a 3rd is extra credit

      Website: 50 Visitors
      Twitter: 50 followers, 300 retweets total
      Instagram: 200 likes total, 50 followers, 20 posts
      Facebook: 100 likes total, 50comments, 20 content shares

      YouTube: TBD
      Snapchat: TBD