Social media goal and strategy

For web and social media campaign

URL to your 2 social media pages: (goes here) Such as:

Facebook page and or Instragram page and or Twitter and or Snapchat and or YouTube etc.

Goals for your campaign social media:

    1. Goals of your social media - not for your camping but what your social media can do to help meet your campaign goals    

Social media strategy: for your campaign

    1. Potential partners e.g. clubs, orgs etc.

    2. How you are going to energize (how you are going to get students to participant in your social media channels)
    3. How your going to stick out and be heard/seen through the social media clutter

Social media analytics goals:

(As an example from past classes)

    1. Facebook- 30 page likes, 5 content shares
    2. Instagram- 20 followers, 25 likes total
    3. Twitter- 20 followers
    4. Tumblr- 30 followers, 2500 notes
    5. Snapchat- 50 views total
    6. Vimeo- 40 total views
    7. Wordprress- 30 unique visitors
    8. YouTube- 15 total views
    9. = 50 supporters