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Why Do Black Lives Matter
Frierson, Daryl L.
Baeisa, Nous S.

Marymount United
Chase, Shana M.
Rahimi, Aishah S.
Griffin, Julia E.

Houston, Florida, and Puerto Rico Hurricane relief
(Was don’t trust processed foods)
Pacilio, Caitlin M.
Del Canto Sotomayer, Guizen A
O'Connell, Sean P
Cabrera, Joseph D.

Marymount Goes Organic
Niewold, Zoe A.
Elgarch, Mariam H.

Hockey attendance (was hockey insurance)
Olivette, Anthony J.
Brodell, Allison A.
Monroe, Sara G.

Fowler, Samantha T.
Lake, Rebecca E.
Racy, Jasmine M.

Destress Detox Challenge
Baker, Khailynn A.

READ Gales Point
Ratcliff, Hannah R.