CMD 105 Video Editing
Phone: 703-284-1652

Class meeting times
TH 6:30 -09/10/2015-10/08/2015,
Rowley Hall, Room G215 (Mac lab)


Office Hours: appointment recommended
MON 5:00-6:30
TUE 4:00-6:00
TH 5:00-6:30
Other times by appointment.

Suggested Texts: tutorials

Required Supplies:
32GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive or larger

Portable External Hard Drive Recommended:
WD My Passport Ultra 1TB Portable External USB 3.0 Hard Drive - Black

Use GarageBand for
sound effects and music loops

images, sounds, music, videos

Videomaker Online

Free Video Course

Film Underground

Film Making

Movie Database

1st Class
Course introduction
Discussion pre-production, production, and post-production phases of producing video media.
Linear verses non-linear editing, new magnetic timeline.

Final Cut: Projects, timeline, views, preview, basic editing, trimming shots, transforming,
Sharing (Exporting) Apple Devices 1080,Background Tasks window

Introduction to the Final Cut interface. Importing video and photographs, capturing, and analyzing media.
Getting started with Final Cut Pro X
Exploring the interface

Due 2nd Class:
1. Per class discussion
2. Obtain a 32GB USB2 Flash drive or external hard-rive
3. Watch the following videos:
Understanding different types of editing tools
Connecting clips to the primary storyline
Events and Projects

2nd Class
Final Cut: Formating a drive for use with Final Cut - Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
Creating new project on an external drive
Importing camera files: video, photograph and sound files
Editing and trimming shots: cutting, changing length of clips - multiple layers
Changing frame duration
Sound layers and sound editing: fades – option key
Transitions: cross dissolve and fade to color/black
Titles - basic and motion
Sharing (Exporting) Apple Devices 1080
Background Tasks window

GarageBand: sound effects and music beds - New project loops, FX, share MP3 - other sources

Due 3rd Class:
1. Complete video assigned in class - add sound effects and music bed with files and resources provided in class
2. Read and watch the following

Organizing your clips in FCP X:Part :
Organizing your clips in FCP X:Part 2
Tips for Organizing - Final Cut Pro:
Final Cut Pro X Basics Tutorial Pt. 7 -

3rd Class - Open lab to work on your skills test personal profile video
1. Upload your fishing trip video to your google apps YouTube site
2. Email the link to your fishing trip YouTtube video to your instructor

Due 4th Class:
1. Skills test video project: Personal profile Link to assignment
Travis Miller
Sam Paredes (For style only this video is missing music bed and other requirements of the assignment)


4th Class
Critiques of personal profile videos
Color and sound corrections for your personal profile video

Final Cut:
Organizing clips: pre-importing folders and naming clips and folders
Inspector: Adjusting color in Video Inspector -matching, balance, presets, manually by sliding puck
Inspector: Adjusting sound - fixing audio issues:

Due end of 4th Class:
1. Final revised personal profile video Link to assignment

A. Upload your personal profile video to your Google apps YouTube site
B. Email the link to your fishing trip YouTtube video to your instructor
C. Put a copy of your profile in the insturcotr's dropbox

Due 5th Class:
1. Public Service Announcement: 15 - 30 second student announcement to appear on the Marymount's digital signage system.
Text and images with motion and or video with text. Topic of your PSA of your choice e.g. First Friday, Town Hall Meetings, HalloweenFest, etc. This is a silent video.

The televisions (digital signs) are 1280 x 720 resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio

A. Upload your PSA video to your Google apps YouTube site
B. Email the link to your fishing trip YouTtube video to your instructor
C. Put a copy of your PSA video in instructor's drop box labeled with your full nameText and images

Photos of Marymount events:
Marymount News and events:


5th Class
Present your personal profile video

In class critique of PSA and revisions