Digital Photography – VIS 225-A

Barry C Erdeljon

TUE 05:00-06:00PM and
Other times by Zoom by appointment



CLASS MEETING DAYS & Times Zoom classes 6:30-9:00PM: 1/17, 24,  2/7, 21, 3/7, 21, 4/18, 25, 5/9
Independent study classes:
1/31, 2/14, 28, 3/28, 4/4, 11, 5/2
Spring break no class: 3/14

Course Zoom link

Link to Canvas site

Link to Google drive

1. National Geographic: Photo Basics: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Great Photography by Joel Sartore

Smart phone or digital camera
Access to your Marymount Google Drive with enough storage space available for this course Access to Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop or Photo Express for mobile phones
non GMD majors can also use Photos for Mac or Windows Photo Gallery or Google Photos for Mac and Windows

Photo stick for mobile phone photo and video backup
Suggested for iPhone: MFi Certified iDiskk 128GB Photo Storage Drive for iPhone
Suggested for Android: ThePhotoStick Omni 128GB

At least one 32GB+ USB thumb Drive larger (Two USB 3.0+ drives recommended) 
Suggested: SAMSUNG BAR Plus 3.1 USB Flash Drive, 128GB, 400MB/s, Rugged Metal Casing, Storage Expansion for Photos, Videos


SP24 Student Photographs .SP08 SP09 SP10 SP11 SP12 SP13 SP14 SP15 SP16 SP17 SP18 SP19 .SP20 SP21 SP22 SP23


Release form
Group release form
Event release sign

How to cite photos

1. Masters of ....Photography
2. Jay Maisel
3. R. Avedon


1. Lightroom Tutorials
2. Photoshop tutorials
3. Camera Raw Files
7. Adjusting raw files

2. Digital Imaging
3. Photo Links
4. Profotos


10 Best Photography Portfolio

ON the WEB
Nations Photo Lab

Artifact Upspring
Amazon prints

1. Time Online
2. Nat. Geographic
3. Life Magazine


Zoom Class

Course introduction: 
Introduction video
Student introductions 
Syllabus review, required supplies 
Student technical support 
Student Access Services 
Student data protection & privacy policy 

Camera settings 16:9 
Camera Angle
Camera Angle Exercise
"Don't just stand there – sit, squat, lie down. The angle from which you take a photograph can make a dramatic difference" – People & Portraits - Field Guides pg. 35.

Flickr pro

How to set up your Digital Photography class Flickr account

When signed into your class Flickr account – select the image in upper right corner and then choose "Settings"

  1. Under "Profile" Change your display name to your "first and last name photography"
  2. Under "Web address" choose custom address and add your name. (no misspellings! this can never be changed on Flickr)
  3. Under "Profile" Click on the round photograph/graphic
    1. Upload a photo of yourself
    2. Make sure you face can be identified
  4. Top of page select "Privacy & Permissions
    1. Click on "Edit" under the following items and make these changes. Remember to "Save" each Edit
      1. Who can download your images (including originals)?
        Only you
      2. Allow your stuff to be added to a gallery? No
      3. Who will be able to see, comment on, or add notes 
        See: Anyone 
        Comment on: Only you 
        Add notes, tags, and people: Only you
      4. What license will your content have
        All rights reserved

How to set up your Digital Photography class Flickr account

Due 1/17 In class
Phone camera settings: 
1. Turn off auto flash  
2. Turn on camera grid
3. If you will be using a DSLR camera: Email the instructor your camera resolution/size settings Canon Nikon Fuji
Turning on camera grid


  1. Launch the Settings app from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on Camera.
  3. Tap the switch next to Grid to turn it on.


  1. Open the Google Camera app and tap the downward-pointing arrow at the top of the screen.
  2. From the resulting popup, tap the gear icon.
  3. Tap Grid Type and then select a grid option of 3 x 3 from the resulting popup.

Canon DSLR

  1. Press the <MENU> button to display the menu screen.
  2. Press the < > button, then select the [ ] tab.
  3. Under the [ ] tab, select [Viewfinder display], then press < >.
  4. Select [Grid display], then press < >.
  5. Select [Show], then press < >.

Nikon DSLR

  1. To display the setup menu, press MENU button.
  2. Select Setup > Display > Grid display.
  3. Select On to display a framing grid.


  2. Once you have this option enabled, you can change the type of overlay you would like by going to SET UP → SCREEN SETUP → FRAMING GUIDELINE.

Due 1/17 In class
Phone camera focus and exposure:

  1. In the built-in Camera app, tap to set focus. 
  2. Then simply swipe up or down to adjust exposure (brightness). Swipe up to make the image brighter, or down to make it darker.

Android - Google Camera App

  1. Tap to set focus.
  2. Swipe icon that appears after tapping left or right to adjust exposure (brightness). Swipe left to make the image brighter, or right to make it darker.

Zoom Class

Discuss Weekly Readings
Review Camera Angle Exercise
Lighting – quality, direction and color
Backlight photography
Lighting exercise
Adding your photos to a Flickr album

Photo adjustments: Auto adjustments
Resizing photographs: Flickr upload requirements
Adjusting photographs:

  1. Using your phone or camera built in editing tools
  2. Using mobile PS Express
    1. Adjustments and resizing with PS Express
  3. Using Lightroom
    1. Intro to Lightroom
    2. Making basic edits with Lightroom CC
    3. Adjusting Light and Color in Lightroom
    4. Improve a portrait with Lightroom CC
  4. Adjustments using Photoshop

Resizing Instructions for photographs in Lightroom and in Photoshop
Resizing and making adjustments:

  1. Windows Photo Gallery 
  2. Mac Preview

Due 1/24
Camera Angle Exercise uploaded to your course Flickr in an album titled Camera Angle Exercise

Due 1/24
Readings & Reflections 
Photo Basics: The Ultimate beginner's Guide to Great Photography - chapters:

  1. Chap. 2: Composition
  2. Chap. 3 Exposure
  3. Chap. 4: Lighting


Photographic lighting and composition: 

  1. Lighting – quality, direction and color
  2. Backlight photography

Due 1/31
Lighting exercise uploaded to your course Flickr in an album titled Lighting Exercise

Due 1/31
Readings and Reflections
1. Photo Basics: The Ultimate beginner's Guide to Great Photography - chapters:

  1. Chap. 6: Thinking Like A Photographer
  2. Chap. 7: People & Animals


Photographic composition, lighting and camera angle: 

  1. Rule of thirds
  2. Composition tips
  3. Rule of thirds for people
  4. Lighting – quality, direction and color
  5. Backlight photography
  6. Camera Angle

Due 2/7
Composition Exercise uploaded to your course Flickr in an album titled Composition Exercise

Due 2/7
Readings & Reflections 

1.  “Composition tips

2.  "Street Photography Tips"

Zoom Class

Discuss Weekly Reflections
Review Lighting Exercises
Review Composition Exercises 

Telling a story with photographs:
Example of photographic storytelling essay
The Plight of Haitian Migrants

Elements of an effective photographic story

  1. Plan your story
  2. Include powerful emotions - body language, facial expressions, props, light, softness, or colors
  3. Take a variety of shots - wide shots, medium shots, close-up shots
  4. Use a variety of camera angles
  5. Use a variety of compositions

Ten storytelling essay photographs

  1. Scene setter - establish the location
  2. Medium shot - establish the topic
  3. Portrait - introduce the characters
  4. The action
  5. Continuing action - different camera angle and composition
  6. Close-up - detail of the action
  7. Continuing action - different camera angle and composition
  8. Face of the character - capture the expression and eyes
  9. Continuing action - different camera angle and composition
  10. End point - conclusion of the action

The adventures of Ojibwa, Istanbul’s traveling dog
Use of ten essay photographs

Polar Bear Capital of the World
Mumbai Falls In Love All Over Again With Its Forgotten Fountains

Storytelling Essay Photo Exercise

Rule of thirds for people
What is Photojournalism
Elements of photojournalism 
Discuss NPPA - “2021 Best of   
    Photojournalism Competition”
Planning photojournalism photography
Photojournalism – General and Breaking News assignment

Due 2/14
Essay Photo Exercise uploaded to your course Flickr in an album titled Photo Essay Exercise

Due 2/14
1. Report 1: NPPA - “2023 Best of Photojournalism Competition” award winning photographs 

Zoom Class

Review photojournalism proposals and planning
Photojournalism ethics NPPA Code of Ethics
43 famous Photoshopped and doctored images

2023 The Year in Pictures
Digital Photography Workflow
Photojournalism caption writing

Writing good captions
Enhancing the story with captions

Writing news headlines – Headlines should tell the story; they shouldn’t just tell about the story

Photojournalism assignments:
1. 20 + news photos assignment
2. 10 best adjusted photojournalism news photographs with titles and captions assignment

Due 2/21
1. Photojournalism proposal research and planning assignment

Due 2/21
Reading and Reflections
1.  NPPA Code of Ethics


Photojournalism news photographing and adjustments

Due 2/28
1. 20 + news photos assignment uploaded to Photojournalism folder in course Google Drive in a folder title with your full name

Due 2/28
Reading and Reflections
1. Read: Writing good captions, Enhancing the story with captions and Writing news headlines and list what you learned from each of the three articles


Critique 10 best photojournalism photos

Discuss Report 2 – Editorial Photography
Editorial and human interest photography
Photographic essays – telling stories with photographs

  1. 5 types of photo essay shots 
  2. Emotional photographs
  3. Editorial human interest photo essas
    1. What life is like
    2. America welcomed her

How to Make an Effective Photographic essay

Human Interest Photography assignment

Due 3/13
1. 10 best adjusted photojournalism news photographs uploaded to your Flickr site in an album titled Photojournalism with titles and captions assignment

Due 3/13
1. Report 2: Editorial Photography. CA awards


Spring Break

Zoom Class 

Review human interest photo proposals and planning
Editing human interest photos
Writing human interest stories 
Human interest story structure 

Due During Class 3/15
1. Editorial Human Interest photography proposal, research and planning notes assignment

Due 3/20 start of class
1. 20 + editorial photos uploaded to Editorial human interest folder in the course Google Drive assignment

Due 3/20
Reading and Reflections:
1. Read and answer questions " Advice for an Unforgettable Photo Essay and How to Make Effective Photographic Essay

Zoom Class

Critique of Editorial Human Interest Photographs

Discuss Report 3
Lifestyle Advertising photography

Lifestyle Advertising photography examples
Planning Lifestyle Advertising shoot 

  1. Casting
  2. Props and clothing
  3. Location scouting
  4. Lighting
  5. Camera angles
  6. Composition

Lifestyle Advertising assignments:
1. Lifestyle Advertising photo planning assignment
2. Lifestyle Advertising test photos 
3. 12 + Lifestyle Advertising photography assignment

Due 3/27 start of class
1. Additional human interest edatorial photos as needed uploaded to Editorial human interest folder in the course Google Drive assignment

Due 3/27
1. Report 3: Digital Advertising Photography CA awards


Critique of Editorial Human Interest Photographs
Humor in advertising

Lifestyle Advertising photography proposals assignment

Lifestyle Advertising photographing assignment

Due 3/27 by end of class
1. 10 best adjusted editorial photographs uploaded to your WIX site Editorial Portfolio with storytelling text assignment

Due 4/3
1. Lifestyle Advertising photo shoot planning notes - product prep/casting and location scouting assignment
2. Lifestyle Advertising test photos 

Due 4/3
Reading and Reflections:
1. Richard Avedon


Lifestyle Advertising photography 

Due 4/10
1. 12 + Lifestyle Advertising assignment photos uploaded to the Lifestyle Advertising photographs folder in the course Google Drive

Due 4/10
Readings and Reflections:
1.  Annie Liebovitz

Zoom Class

Critique Lifestyle Advertising photos

Discuss Report 4 –International Landscape

Photographer of the Year
Creative landscape photography 
Ansel Adam landscapes
Patterns in Nature: Flora
Landscape composition and lighting:
1. The "Golden Hour"
2. Dawn and Dusk
3. Bad Weather
4. 9 Compositional Rules

Creative Art Landscaping assignments:
1. proposal, research and planning assignment
photography assignment

Due 4/17
1. 6 best adjusted Lifestyle Advertising photographs uploaded to your Flickr site Advertising Portfolio with explanations assignment

Due 4/17
1. Report no.4: International Landscape Photographer of the year

2. Readings Photo Basics: The Ultimate beginner's Guide to Great Photography - chapters:

  1. Chap. 5 Color & Texture
  2. Chap. 8: nature & Landscape


Creative Art Landscape photographing and adjustments
Writing good photo captions

1 Your original poetic story
2 Lyrics - cited
3 Proverbs - cited
4 Factoids - cited
5 Anecdotes

National Geographic 43 Stunning Landscape Photos

Due 4/24
1. Creative Art Landscaping photography proposal, research and planning assignment

2. Upload 12 + creative photographs in the Creative Landscape photographs folders in the course Google Drive assignment

Due 4/24
Readings and Reflections:
1 Six landscape articles


Critique Creative Art Landscape adjusted photographs

Final assignment - part 1 - Google drive
Final assignment - part 2
 - Flickr

Due 5/1 
1. 6 best adjusted Creative Landscape photographs uploaded to your Flicker site in an album titled Creative Landscape with storytelling text/quotes assignment

Zoom Class

Wednesday May 1st 7:45- 10:15 P.M

Choose best photos from the class – lighting, camera angle, framing, rule-of-thirds, emotional impact, symbolism 

Due 5/1
1. Your 10 best photos from throughout the course uploaded to goggle drive assignment Including:

  1. Two (2) photojournalism
  2. Two (2) editorial
  3. Two (2) advertising
  4. Two (2) creative
  5. Any two (2) of your choice

2. Update your Flickr site "About" page assignment

When logged in to Flicker click on "about" under "Showcase" add your ten best photos from your photorstream If needed upload additional photos not already on your Flickr site.

Change title of photograph to one of the assignment names listed above.

Change the description to the name of you photographs to the you gave the assignment.

Final assignment will not be accepted late!

Have a great summer!