Attend the three following exhibitions and write a gallery report posted on your website under a link "Gallery Reports"

The 23nd Annual Nature's Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards Exhibition
Location: Second Floor

See Nature at its Best. From more than 26,000 entries submitted to the 2017 Nature's Best Photography Wind-land Smith Rice Awards, 60 images were selected to showcase the work of photographers in 59 countries. United by their creativity and technical skill with a camera, these artists of all ages and experience share visions of nature to inspire its preservation. http://naturalistic/exhibits/natures-best-2017/indexation

Gallery Report Assignment:
Write a one to two page paper
and upload to your course website under a new link "Gallery Reports"

1 How will viewing these three exhibitions effect the way you take photographs in the future?
2 Choose your 3 favorite photographers in each exhibit?
Explain why you chose each of the 3 photographers and explain what you like most about the photographers approach to his/her photography
4 Pick your favorite photo for each of the three exhibits and for each photo describe:

A. The composition - filled the frame or rule of thirds
B. Lighting - including the
color, quality, and direction of the light

5. Explain how each of the three favorite photos conveys the sense of place or circumstance
6. Explain how each photo makes you feel emotionally and why