Gallery report

View all of the photographs at:

Anne Leibovitz's Instagram
Avadon Foundation
The Altlantic article on Margaret Bourke-White

Write a one to two page typewritten paper

1 How will viewing these photographs effect the way you take photographs in the future?

Which are your favorite photographs from Anne Leibovitz's Instagram, Avadon Foundation and The Atlantic article on Margaret Bourke-White.
Pick at least one photo from each and:

3 Explain why you chose each of the photographs

For each of the three photos explain how they made you feel about the person in the photograph i.e. their mood, personality, unique characteristic etc.?

5 For each of your three favorite photographs describe:

    1. Composition - does the subject(s) fill the frame or was the rule of 3rd used was it a detail, face, partial body or full view of the subject(s)

    2. Costume or clothing - what subject(s) is wearing

    3. Props - the subject(s) is interacting with i.e. a purse, cane ect.

    4. Setting - describe where the photo was taken i.e. kitchen, the woods etc.

    5. Gesture - describe the pose of the subject(s)

    6. Source of lighting - window, lamp, sun etc

    7. Direction of lighting - left, right behind, front, top below etc.

    8. Camera angle - was the photographer above, below, behind, or in front of the subject(s)

Anne Leibovitz: https://www.instagram.com/annieleibovitz/?hl=en

Richard Avedon: https://www.avedonfoundation.org/the-work

Margaret Bourke-White: