Windows Photo Gallery Using Windows Live Photo Gallery
Mac Preview Using Mac Preview

In Lightroom CC

  1. Adjust image
    1 Import photos - Plus sign in upper left corner or "import" button is at bottom of the window
    2 Click "edit icon"  - top of right sidebar
    3 Click auto at top of editing pane
    4 Use sliders to fine tune your image and/or click on "Presets" bottom of the editing pane and choose a preset.

  2. Export your adjusted Lightroom image
    1 Under "File" - "Export"
    2 Settings - "Custom"
    1. Long size 3000 px
    2. File naming - Custom Name
    3. Type "adjusted" add name of photo
  3. "Export photo" upper right button
    4 Choose where on your computer to save the photo
    5 Click "Export"

In Photoshop

1. Under "Image" use any combination of "Auto Tone", Auto Contrast" and/or "Auto Color"

2. In Photoshop under “Image Size” Reduce the “Pixel Dimensions” to 3000 spixels
or less for the largest dimension of your image - Make sure "Resample" has a check mark next to it - and click “Ok”.

3. Under “File” select "Save as"
then select where on your computer or external hard drive you want to save the image - then:

    1. In top of pop-up window add “sized" and/or the subject of the photo to your file name.
    2. Select where you want the file saved
    3. Select “JPEG" then select "High”
    4. Click “Save”